Our primary objective was to open the basement area toprovide another bedroom. This involved not only excavation but design as well, Steve did the layout, design and beautiful rock work. We also had a major problem with access from the living room.Iniyially it was a manufactured circular staircase, steve redid this whole area without taking floor space from the living room. The resultss were amazing and beautifully done. In addition we had two patios of bluestone and four granite block stairs deesigned and built. We had a bathroom installed in the new basement, redid our entire front porch making it into a comfortable living area.And there were several other parts of the job including the garage area, re-wiring, etc. The work was performed in a timely and professional manner and exceptionally well done. Anyone who is interested may ask Steve to take them to our hous and show them the work he is capable of

Couldn’t have been better!

He started in April and worked steadily with from 3 to 5 or 6 workers per day, monday through friday till approximately October 2011. We were there the entire time and the demeanor and competence and ethics of the workers was excellent

– Peter Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

We contracted with Fawley and Sons in the spring of 2010 for an overall remodel of our lake house. [Steve] Fawley came well recommended and we chose his company after interviewing several other local contractors.

[…]They [Fawley & Son’s] enhanced our ideas 100%and the ultimate result is beautiful. These ideas and concepts immediatly demonstrated Steve’s creativity and ability to apply those ideas to practiical applications. Our confidence in Steve and his crew grew day by day.

We were on the premises about 90% of the time the work was being performed, thus we were able to observe the work as it was being done.The major hold up to our beginning the project in the first place was the then current access to our basement where there was and is now a sort of siute and laundry area. There was a small, matel circular stairway in the corner of the living roomwhioch was both uncomfortable and difficult for us to negotiate. Steve,using the exist stairs as a bas, opened the hole by approximately two feet and created a beautful and comfortable stairway.

– Peter Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

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